Prayers to St. Augustine of Hippo

Patron of Theologians
Patron of Brewers

to O Lord, I am Not Worthy

Beloved Saint of our age, you were at first wholly human-centered and attached to false teachings. Finally converted through God's grace, you became a praying theologian---God-centered, God-loving, and God-preaching.
Help theologians in their study of revealed truth. Let them always follow the Church Magisterium as they strive to communicate traditional teachings in a new form that will appeal to our contemporaries. Amen.

A Beautiful Prayer by St. Augustine

I beg of You, my God, let me know You and love You
so that I may be happy in You. And though I cannot do this fully in this life, yet let me improve from day to day till I may do so to the full.
Let me know You more and more in this life,
that I may know You perfectly in heaven.
Let me know You more and more here, so that I may love you perfectly there,
so that my joy may be great in itself here, and complete in heaven with You.
O Truthful God, let me receive the happiness of heaven
which You promise so that my joy may be full.
In the meantime, let my mind think of it, let my tongue talk of it,
let my heart long for it,
let my mouth speak of it, let my soul hunger after it,
let my flesh thirst after it,
let my whole being desire it,
until such time as I may enter through death into the joy of my Lord,
there to continue forever, world without end.  Amen.

See also prayers to St. Alphonsus Liguori.

feast day: August 28

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