Prayers to St. Ursicinus of Saint Ursanne
Patron Against Stiff Necks

Prayer for Healing to St. Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne

O glorious Saint Ursicinus, special patron of those who suffer with stiff necks; thou who followed in the footsteps of your dear friend St. Columbanus, with truly heroic charity, didst devote thyself to missionary work in Switzerland to convert the pagans and offer relief of their temporal and spiritual necessities, be pleased to assist them now even more generously, since thou art blessed in heaven and they have been committed by Holy Church to thy powerful intercession.

Obtain for all those who suffer with neck pain, especially (name), from Almighty God the healing of all their pain and stiffness if it be the will of God; unite their sufferings with those of Christ as He carried His heavy cross on the road to Calvary, granting them at least the spirit of Christian patience and resignation that may sanctify their souls for the glory of God. Amen. 

St. Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne, during your life on earth you often comforted the afflicted and showed such tender love and compassion for the sick and sinful during your missionary work in Switzerland. Intercede for me now that you rejoice in the reward of your virtues in heavenly glory. Look with pity on God's servant (name) and grant my prayer, if such be the will of God.

Speak a word for him/her to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to obtain by her powerful intercession the healing and comfort that he/she yearns for so ardently. Ask Our Lady, in her mercy, to bless (name) with enough faith and strength to endure his/her suffering, if total healing is not in accordance with God's holy will.  Amen.

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