Prayers to Our Mother of the Faithful Departed

to On Eagle's Wings

O Virgin most kind, Mary, Mother of God, most loving consoler of those in distress,
commend to your Son the souls of the Faithful Departed, so that, because of your motherly intervention, they may joyfully arrive in your company as their longed-for home in heaven. Amen.

O Mother of Jesus, at Golgatha you felt His pain; your arms received His broken Body.
Pray for us in our sorrowful days!

To the Mother of the Faithful Departed for a Happy Death

O Mary, for that sorrowful pain you experienced on Calvary when you saw Jesus expire on the cross, grant me a happy death; so that, loving Jesus and you, on earth, I may come to love you eternally in heaven. Amen.


Merciful Mother, in union with the Church Triumphant in heaven, I beg of You, pray for the souls in purgatory. Be mindful of your motherly love for them and beg of Jesus the merits of His eternal love for them. May they be freed from their suffering to soon enjoy eternal peace and happiness. Oh Mary, thank you for interceding for the grace of perseverance for the faithful departed.

Loving Savior, Jesus Christ, You are the King of Kings in the land of eternal bliss. I beg of You, in Your mercy hear my prayer and set free the holy souls in purgatory, especially (Name).... Lead them from the prison of darkness to the light and freedom of the children of God in the Kingdom of Your glory. Loving Savior, I thank You for having redeemed the poor souls with Your most Precious Blood and saved them from eternal death. Amen.

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