Prayers for a Neighborhood

to Let Us Love One Another

Prayer for a Neighborhood Civic Association

Lord Jesus Christ, You praised those whho serve the needs of others.
Look graciously on this neighborhood civic association made up of people of various beliefs who work for the good of our community.
Prompt them to show genuine respect for all and to strive to eliminate
all injustice from our area.
Inspire its officers to perform their duties well and the members
to accept their leadership, so that the people will be relieved of social concerns and be better able to pursue their spiritual goals. Amen.

Prayer for a Neighborhood Problem

Heavenly Father, You know the problem that has arisen in our midst.
Please help those involved to resolve it with all speed
and according to your will.
Watch over us with your grace so that this community will be a place
where your presence is felt, true human and Christian friendships reign,
and all work out their salvation in peace. Amen.

Prayer for a Declining Neighborhood

Lord Jesus Christ, our neighborhood was once a thriving area
where people lived peaceful human lives and fruitful spiritual lives.
Now it is in a state of continuous decline, where peace and harmony
have given way to fear, suspicion, and chaos.
Inspire those who remain to refrain from fleeing and to work together
to build it all up again. Make us all respect one another
as we strive to restore our neighborhood into a place where people
can live in peace and worship without fear. Amen.

Prayer for a Neighborhood School

Heavenly Father, You have made human beings in such a way
that all education is most important for their welfare.
Our neighborhood school is presently in a sad state
and can barely teach our youngsters the essentials
they need in order to live in union with others
and with You, their Creator. Help us to restore it to its former state so that our children may receive a good education and be able to come to the knowledge of You and of your Son---which is eternal life. Amen.

Prayer for a Neighbor in Difficulty

Lord Jesus Christ, You taught us to help those in need.
I pray for N., our neighbor, who is in difficulty.
Watch over him/her during this time of trial
and enable him/her to rebound
from this blow. Most important of all, keep him/her close to You
no matter what he/she may have to undergo.
Move me to do what I can to help always respecting his/her privacy
and without in any way diminishing his/her own self-respect. Amen.

Help me to understand the answer Jesus gave to the question: "Who is my neighbor?" about a man on the road who needed help, about those who refused it, and the one person who gave it. Make me more sensitive to the feelings of those I meet at home, in the store, on a bus, in a crowd. More aware that whether I know them or not--the nameless, the angry, the anguished, all people everywhere, are my neighbors in You. No one is really a stranger unless I choose to make him so. Amen.

~~ from "Prayers for Today," published by Leaflet Missal Co.

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