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A Patron Saint is one who has been appointed by the Vatican as special protectors or guardians over different circumstances and areas of life. Most of the time, they are patrons of professions or circumstances that the saints themselves have experienced or dealt with personally during their own lives. A patron saint can help us when we follow the example of that saint's life, and when we ask for that saint's intercessory prayers to God.

The Index is organized alphabetically according to the intention/circumstance in the left column. The corresponding patron saint is listed in the right column. Some of the saints are more well known than others. I suggest you read more about their lives from one of these online sources:

Patron Saints Index
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haberdashers Louis IX, Michael the Archangel
Haemorrhage Lucy
Haemorrhoid sufferers Fiacre
Hail Magnus of Fussen
Hairdressers Martin de Porres, Cosmas and Damian
hangovers Bibiana
happy meetings Raphael the Archangel
harness makers Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, Eligius (Eloi)
harvesters Peter the Apostle
harvests Anthony of Padua, Florian, Jodocus, Medard of Noyon, Walburga
hatmakers, hatters, milliners Barbara, Clement I, James the Lesser, Apostle, Michael the Archangel, Severus of Avranches
head injuries John Licci
Headaches Teresa of Avila, Denis, Bishop of Paris
healers Bridgid of Ireland
health Infant Jesus of Prague
Health inspectors Raphael the Archangel
Health service, public Martin de Porres
Heart patients John of God
hermits, recluses Anthony the Abbott, Giles
hernia Alban of Mainz, Cosmas and Damian, Drogo, Gummarus
Hernia sufferers Cathal
herpes George
Highways, motorways John the Baptist
holy death Andrew Avellino, Christopher, Joseph, Michael the Archangel, Ursula
homeless people, hoboes, tramps Benedict Joseph Labre, Edwin, Elizabeth of Hungary, Lufthild, Margaret of Cortona
homemakers, housewives, housekeepers Anne, Martha, Monica, Zita
Hopeless (or desperate) cases Jude, Rita of Cascia, Gregory the Wonderworker
horse men, riders, equestrians Anne, George, James the Greater, Martin of Tours
Horticulturalists Adam, Fiacre
hospital administrators Basil the Great, Frances Xavier Cabrini
hospital public relations Paul, Apostle
hospital workers Camillus de Lellis, John of God, Jude Thaddeus, Vincent Ferrer
hospitality, hospitallers Julian the Hospitaller, Meinrad
Hospitals Camillus de Lellis, John of God, Vincent de Paul
Hoteliers Gentian
Hotelkeepers Amand
house hunters or sellers Joseph
House hunting Joseph
Housewives Anne (Mother of Mary), Martha
human race, people Mary, Mother of God
Hunters Hubert, Eustachius
Hydrophobia, or rabies Hubert, Ubald


Immigrants Frances Xavier Cabrini
Impossible Cases Rita of Cascia
in-law problems Adelaide, Elizabeth of Hungary, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Godelieve, Jeanne de Chantal, Jeanne Marie de Maille, Ludmila, Pulcheria
incest victims Dymphna, Laurent (Lawrence)
Infantry Martin of Tours
infantrymen Maurice
Infertility Rita of Cascia
Information Workers Archangel Gabriel
Innkeepers Gentian
innocence Hallvard
Innocent people (falsely accused) Raymond Nonnatus
inquisitors Peter of Verona
Insanity Dymphna
insect bites Mark the Apostle, Narcissus
inter-racial justice, race relations, racial harmony Martin de Porres, Peter Claver
interior souls Joseph
Invalids Roch
invoked in time of war Elizabeth of Portugal
iron mongers, hardware, hardware stores Sebastian


jaundice Odilo
Jesuit Order; Jesuits Ignatius of Loyola
Jesuit students Aloysius Gonzaga
Jewelers Eligius (Eloi)
job seekers, unemployed people Cajetan
jockeys Eligius (Eloi)
Journalists Francis de Sales
Journeys, safe Christopher
Judges/Jurists John of Capistrano, Ivo of Kermartin, Nicholas of Myra
Justice, social Martin de Porres
Juvenile delinquents Dominic Savio


kidnap victims Arthelais, Dagobert II
kidney stones; gravel Alban of Mainz
kings Casimir of Poland, Dagobert II, Edwin, Henry II, Louis IX, Olaf II
knee diseases or trouble Roch
knights George, James the Greater, Julian the Hospitaller, Michael the Archangel
Knights of Malta, Maltese Knights John the Baptist
knowledge Holy Spirit

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