Prayers for Preachers
of the Gospel

to Pass It On

Prayer to St. John Chrysostom,
Patron of Preachers

Dear St. John your oratorical gifts inspired thousands and earned you the name "golden-mouthed." Continue to inspire Christians through your writings and grant us a rebirth of Christian preaching for the spiritual renewal of the Church.
Obtain from God, preachers like yourself who, animated by the Holy Spirit, deserve to be called other Christs and forcefully preach the Good News. Amen.

Prayer for Missions and Missionaries

Remember our missionaries who give up all they have to testify to Your gospel and love. Strengthen them in moments of difficulty. Crown their labors with the victories of the Holy Spirit. Through their endeavors, may Your Blessed Name be made known throughout the world. Surrounded by an ever growing number of Your children, may they rise to You the hymn of thankfulness, redemption, and glory. Amen.

feast day: September 13

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in the Catholic Online Saints Index.

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