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Email received Sunday, April 17, 2005 (unedited)

dearest friends

praise the Lord, He has done great things. After the easter feastdays, I got the report from Doctor regarding the operation that was done just before easter sunday. In hospital a malignant cancerous growth was removed from my right testicle. Unsually this typ of cancer is likely to appear between the age of 18 and 30 and from 30 onward the likeliness of this cancer to appear is diminishing. Now my cancer came and -as the Doctor said- was miraculously "burt out","imploded", yes such were the Doctors words. This typ of cancer spreads normally quick and isn´t easy to discover. I thank and praise the Lord who has given me healing on behalf of your intercession,may the Lord bless you and your ministry, Jesus´powerfull precious blood shall protect you,strengthen you. The Lord our God shall anoint you with His precious Holy Spirit, I pray - to The Father, through the Holy Spirit - in Jesus Name,Amen. Praise the Lord Here I can joyfully let you know, that the eye operation you have prayed for was successfull and the patient is very well and can see now better than before.His lense was removed and he got implanted a new one. Thanks. Thanks to the Lord for His Love,mercy and kindness,for His patience,glory to Him for His powerfull working. Praise the Lord. Prayer have been heard regarding Danny (from Nigeria married to a german woman), for whom prayer was requested: that he should be integrated into the family and get a job; this prayer is also answered.Praise the Lord.

hans - michael rix

If you have a healing testimony that you would like to share, please email the webmaster, and we will be glad to include your story here, too!

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